Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This week has been a jumble. Bill and I have spent 2 days updating the website. Don't ever let anyone tell you that MS Front Page is user friendly!! It always turn out to be an ordeal!

One thing I added is that I am now back in business of selling 6" feedsack squares. I had them on my website for a long, long time and just could not keep up with the cutting demand along with everything else. I have continued to sell them without advertising to my customers who contacted me personally. But now I am telling everyone that they are back! They are still by Special Request, meaning that they need to contact me to order and when the order is ready, I will invoice the customer. Seems to be a good compromise for all. They will sell for $27.50 per bundle of 50. You can go to the Hollyhock Quilts website to view the particulars.

Every once in awhile, I get lucky and have a chance to buy a pretty big collection of feedsacks. Last week was one of those times. So needless to say, I've been soaking and washing feedsacks like a crazy woman. They were really nice. Florals mostly and several duplicates. Here is a pic of only about 2/3 of the ones I purchased.

It got me to thinking.... Some of you might know that I have reserved another blog name for Hollyhock Quilts. It was actually my intention to just transfer this blog to that one. But instead of that I think I will use that blog as a tutorial blog. The first entry will be the Collecting, Care and Keeping of feedsacks! It's not out there yet, but look for it soon. I also plan to have a picture tutorial for all my patterns and several of my techniques. What do you think?

Along with the box of printed ones, there was another box full of odd white sacks like sugar sacks, flour sacks, seed sacks. etc. Not sure what I'll do with them. Most of them are pretty faded or stained. But this one was in there and I think it's my favorite of the whole lot! Note what it says at the top about the Pert Little Pullets and Foxy Little Roosters. Don't you just LOVE that??

So that's it for me. Off to read my Bible Study lesson for tonight. Yes, Presbyterians sometimes go to church other than on Sunday and even study the Bible! I know you're shocked. Bill and I are leaders of a small faith group at church and it's always a good thing for the leader to read the lesson! Have a great week!



Dawn said...

The feedsacks are beautiful!! What a great find...for us too!!

Stasia said...

Oh my gosh, if you would like to sell that Nutrena sack, would you please let me know? I would LOVE to have it cleaned and framed and preserved, and hang it here on our 1880s farm!!!

Because we are ALL about chickens here, dont'cha' know! ;)

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

What a great "haul"! I always love it when I get a wonderful deal on LOTS of fabric. It's just exciting.

I was raised Presbyterian, and my mom still is and at 83 still teaches Sunday School.

Sherri said...

What a terrific find...they are stunning!!!

Unknown said...

OOOOO... I am so excited! I am going over there now to make a purchase! By the way, where do you find so many feedsacks. I have such a problem locating them here.

Another blog as a tutorial is a great idea!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW that is quite a stack of feedsacks!!!! Lucky you!!!

Leah said...

holy cow - that IS quite a feedsack stash!! looking forward to your tutorial-

Sarah said...

That is one DROOLWORTHY pile of sacks there.

Santa Maria Boilers said...

Hi nice reeading your blog