Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Book on Feedsacks ~ Sugar Sack Quilts

If you haven't seen Sugar Sack Quilts before, here's a preview below. The first half is all about feedsacks and the 2nd half contains 12 project using them or reproductions.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


This has been quite a week! We have decided to try our vacation again. Mom is pretty much recovered physically from her ordeal. Her mind is not quite back and probably won't be completely. I just think that every time something happens she'll regress a little bit. But still at 96 she's amazing! She decided she did not need any more help at this time and does not want to move. So we're back to things as before. I am going to have a nurse check on her a couple of times a week just to give me some peace of mind. Sooooo---off we go soon!!

I got her doctor appointments out of the way and am trying to pull loose ends together to leave. The Sweet 16 Quilt that I did for McCalls new magazine will hit the newsstands while we're gone so I'm taking the kits with me. That's one thing about having a website. You're NEVER really on vacation! Small price to pay.....

Be sure to check out the new magazine called America Quilts Fast by McCalls. It's structured for quilts using pre-cut bundles such as fat 1/4s, charm squares, jelly rolls and sweet 16s. It should be available after August 12th. This is the quilt that I made and will have a kit for on the website.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep your fingers crossed that things go well and we can actually enjoy our time away. I'll send you some pics now and then.