Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Other Collections

We've kind of been thinking about whether we'd like to sell the house and move to smaller quarters. It appeals to me a lot. But I sure have a lot of stuff I'd have to shed. You've seen my feedsacks and vintage stuff. Unfortunately that's not my only addiction. Here are a few pics of other stuff I have collected. EBay may get even busier when I get this stuff going!

Here's my collection of Fire King and other Jadite:

Here's more Jadite and other Fire King stuff. Sad to say I actually have more than is shown in these pictures!
Here's some of my McCoy Pottery. Love the colors!
And here's some of my vintage Fiesta and Lipton Teapots. Love these colors, too!
So you see, I have a LOT of STUFF! And this doesn't even count all the Sewing Collectibles and other items packed away in closets that need to be sold! But it will be fun and it'll take years, I'm sure. Fortunately, we're not in any hurry to leave! Could you tell I used to be an antiques dealer? There's still nothing I enjoy more than shopping for this stuff and I still can't pass up a bargain!  Have a great week~