Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wild Wednesday (Not!)!!

BORING, BORING, BORING!!! I apologize for not posting earlier this week. Let's see....

Monday was cleaning day and laundry. Sound familiar?? Tuesday was 4 hours at the Eye Dr. with my Mom in the afternoon. Wait, wait, wait.

That morning we went to the cemetery to purchase crypts because they were on SALE!! Oh yes!! You read it right! The crypts were on sale!! 50% off no less. Does that strike you as hilarious as it does me???? Not really where I would have liked to spend money, but I could just hear ourselves later saying, as we were writing that check to bury one or the other, OH WHY did we not do that??

No new fabric, nothing exciting. So I'll take the opportunity to show you a couple of Gallery Photos! Thank goodness for my friends!

This is a wonderful piece done by Lina LaMora in Purcellville, VA. It is a Drunkard's Path design done in authentic feedsacks. She says it was her 1st attempt at machine quilting. I think she did a beautiful job! Thanks, Lina!

I also want to share these darling dolls made by Jenny Alcorn from Victoria, AU. She dressed them in several of the "Fun with Feedsacks" prints. Thanks for sharing the pics, Jenny!

Other than that, I do have some good news! I got the results back from my Dr. on my blood sugar. I'm happy to say that it is back in the normal range so I guess my diligence has paid off! This week will be my last posting about my weight (which hasn't changed), not because I'm not still working at it, but I'm down to those last few pounds which may take forever to get rid of. I just can't bear filling you in on the ounces gained or lost over the next few months! But I will let you know when I reach my goal.

I give many thanks to General Geranium for her encouragement and kick start to get so many of us on the road to getting healthier. Thanks, Sharon!!

I'm actually still working on the quilt that was inspired by the vintage piece I showed you. I'm really happy with the way it's working out, too! I'll give you a sneak peek soon. I think you'll be surprised.

Have a great week, my friends. Hope you get to do lots of quilting!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Manic Monday (OK - Tuesday)!!

My apologies to any of you who tried to look at my blog yesterday and were greeted with a blank page! Apparently a link I had added caused the posts to disappear. How weird is that? Anyhoo--hopefully it's back now and working properly.

We had a fun little trip last week. I actually didn't take the camera (duh!) thinking there wouldn't be much to take pics of, but you might have enjoyed it more than I thought. Bill and I had gone to a travel show here in Tulsa a couple of weeks ago and at the booth for a new Indian casino on the OK/MO border, we won a couple of free gift certificates! His was for $50 worth of food and mine was for $25 worth of play money. So off we went on Thursday for a little Valentine's getaway.

I really wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. I had found that if you mentioned "the web" when you made reservations that you got $30 off your room! That made the room $69. And BOY!! Was it beautiful!! They spared NO expense with gorgeous granite, big flat screen TV, and a beautiful tile steam shower along with a huge king sized bed that you practically needed a ladder to get in to! Wow!! So we went to the casino and spent several hours playing. They had a Valentine's deal where, if you accumulated 50 points on your players card, they would give you a little box of chocolates. We both had done that and when I got mine, they had me turn it over and scratch it off to reveal Happy Valentines. Great. Then Bill turns his over and wins ANOTHER $100 in play money!! Besides that we enjoyed a delicious steak in one of the 4 on-site restaurants with the gift card and had a delightful time. Came home with a little money even!

After a leisurely breakfast we took off for Joplin and I did a little SHOPPING! We stopped at the darling shop in Carthage where I did the book signing last fall and I got this gorgeous group of fabric. Haven't decided what to do, but the colors are wonderful!

Then hit a couple of antique malls and can you guess what I found???? Let's see--- Could it be FEEDSACKS??!!

Other than that, by the time we stopped for our famous fried chicken, I guess you can figure that I didn't lose any weight! But I didn't gain, either, so I'm OK with that! We had a lot of fun and now I'm back to work..... Sorta, anyway.

Hope you all have a great week and get lots of time to stitch!


Monday, February 9, 2009


Hi Everyone!

Well, I had a great week and lots to tell you! FIRST, I lost that 1/2 pound I gained and another pound to boot!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Little bits of progress, but progress none-the-less.

NEXT I guess people felt sorry for me talking about my boring life of work, eat, and sleep so I got gifts!! I opened a totally unexpected package from Sharon at Red Geranium Cottage and look what I got!! DOTS and SOAP for Valentine's Day!! Two of my favorite things!! I've been collecting dots for a long time and these will go great with them. Now ~ What to make?? What to make??

THEN I opened an envelope and there was this DARLING group of fat quarters from Barbara at QuiltSoup!! It's her new fabric line called Bubblegum Basics. It is so cute and I just can't wait to play with it!

THEN I had a couple of really nice things happen in magazines! First, I looked at the April APQ and saw that Laura Boehnke had used my Rise N Shine fabric to test one of the patterns! I have to say she did a great job and the pattern is darling!! Darn! Why didn't I think of that first!!

THEN I got an email from a friend telling me that Mark Lipinski had reviewed Sugar Sack Quilts in his March issue. GULP!! He doesn't mince words, does he? But he gave it a wonderful review and to answer his "Should I buy it?" question he said "In a heartbeat, sister!!" Wow!! How cool is THAT??

So there you have it. Today I'm filling orders from my wonderful customers that came in over the weekend and hoping to sew tomorrow. We went to see the kids this weekend and went to a huge Arts and Craps (my husband's term for crafts) show. Also, got to see Cameron play basketball! It's amazing how good 5/6 year olds can be! Unfortunately, that was the other team!

Hope you all have a great week! I'll have to remember to complain about my boring life again sometime. If I do, will you send me presents?


Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Update

Well, I have to say that there is no weight dropped this week. I forgot to weigh on Friday and after attending a Birthday Party on Saturday night and a Super Bowl Party on Sunday, I weighed the same (maybe 1/2 pound more!) that I did last week!! So this week I'm doing damage control!!

I've decided that I have a very boring life. I cannot think of one thing interesting enough to tell you today. All I do is work and eat and sleep. I did get to play in my room on Saturday and got a tiny start on that quilt I told you I was excited about making. I'll show you a picture of the quilt that inspired me and then you can see the finished product whenever I'm done. Here it is:

When I am designing a quilt, it speaks to me as I go. That's one reason I have always found it difficult to computer generate a quilt. Already since I started this one, I have changed it 2 or 3 times. Hopefully for the better! I'll let you be the judge when you see it.

I haven't shown you a Gallery quilt lately. Here's one from a fellow Tulsan, Valerie Fischer. We have never met except on the blog, but it was really fun being in touch with a neighbor! She used my Tin Star Cowboy pattern and added those fabulous guitars along with the Roy Rogers fabrics to make a Christmas present for a Roy Rogers fan. I think it is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing, Valerie!!

Well, folks, I guess that's all the excitement I can handle on this Monday morning! I'm going to do some laundry and go upstairs and sew a little more. Have a wonderful week!