Saturday, January 30, 2010


Good Morning!

Here's what we woke up to today! I know it's no biggie to those of you in northern climates, but it's a treat to have snow here and not just ice! The last pic is of Mr. Bill looooking gooood and having WAY too much fun! Have a great weekend...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fabric Sale!!

Good Morning!

Just wanted to let you know that ALL my Repro Fabric is now listed for $4 or less in my eBay and Etsy shops in case you're interested. It includes Rise N Shine as well as some older pieces from Bees Knees and Sugar & Spice. When it's gone, that will be it!

Have a great week!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hi Everyone! Boy, did I miss you! I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the New Year! I had a great month off. I've decided it's a good thing that I have my business because I'd be worth nothing if I didn't! I just piddled and played and didn't accomplish a thing. But it was great!!

We took off before Christmas and went to San Antonio. We had never been there before so we really enjoyed scouring the town and finding interesting things to do. We stayed right on the Riverwalk and the weather was great and we got to eat outside every evening as the following picture can attest--

Here's what Bill was looking at--

TONS of ducks on the river. Great entertainment! If you've never been to San Antonio, the river is the draw. They run river boat tours all day long every day. Here's what the boats look like--

We opted for an evening cruise so we could see the lights. It was just beautiful--

Our hotel room was just OK, but the location was wonderful! Here's what we saw from our balcony--

And here is the balcony itself--

This is the hotel view from the river---

Anyway, we had a great time and really enjoyed our time away. We missed the great blizzard of 2009, but came home to a LOT of snow and COLD. We are having the worst cold period in 15 years. Supposed to be 3 below tonight. Brrrrrrrrrr----

We went to the kids on our way back home to celebrate Christmas and Kim's birthday. Here's the chair and footstool we got Cameron. Now he can "kick back and relax!" (his words).

I actually sewed a bit during the month. Almost have a piece to send to the quilter. Amazing, isn't it? Do you realize I did not sew for a YEAR??? It feels great to be back at it, even just a little.

My New Years Resolution is to try to be more balanced when it comes to work and taking care of myself physically and spiritually. I'm trying to spend a little time each day with the Bible and with my WiiFit. I'm enjoying them both immensely!

My best to you in the coming year! I pray for God's richest Blessings on all of my blog friends--