Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Note

Hi All--

Thanks so much for being such wonderful friends and checking in with me so often! Mom is actually beginning to rally a bit! Whatever was causing the jaundice appears to have resolved itself and we have found a routine that seems to suit her real well. She's just happy to be in bed most of the time, only getting up for meals and the bathroom. She will not be leaving the Nursing Unit, but seems to be OK with that. I think she likes the attention! Bill's been packing up her apartment and we will move everything to storage on Monday. So things are better on that note.

As you know, I'm selling full feedsacks like a mad woman on Ebay. Such fun! Thought I'd mention that (hopefully) next week I'm going to list TONS of COTTON RICKRACK on Ebay and Etsy at Buy It Now prices and it will be a BLOWOUT!! How's this??? 5 YARDS for $1!! Yep, you read it right!! So watch for it!

Other than that, I had been interviewed for an article on a News Website about feedsacks, etc. Thanks to Amy for putting them in touch with me! If you're interested in reading it, the link is

Again thanks for caring about us. You'll never know how much it means. I'll get back to something interesting on the blog soon!


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hi Everyone--

I apologize for not posting this week. As you can imagine, it's been crazy! To those of you who had to endure looking at my sewing room yet again, thanks for your patience. If you're a new visitor, I hope you enjoyed it!

We moved Mom from the hospital to a Nursing facility a week ago last Wednesday. She hallucinated non-stop for 4 days. That means 4 days with no sleep. They even had to restrain her at one time. On the day we were to move her, when I arrived at the hospital she was finally asleep. She slept for about 24 hours. Not even aware of her move!

They have been discontinuing the sedating meds slowly over the last week. The hallucinations have not returned and her mind is OK, but it has really taken a toll on her body. She began to get yellow again and I wondered if the problem with the gall stones was returning. She had all the symptoms that were present before we took her to the hospital. However, that has improved. Her lab tests are a wreck, though. Her kidney and liver funtions as well as the proteins are all out of whack and I have to suspect that her body is beginning to shut down. We will probably call in hospice next week.

So on to other news--- In the time I had available this week, I started listing full feedsacks on Ebay. There are some great ones out there if you're interested. A few samples are below. I've started including a coordinating solid repro fat quarter for use with the sack.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, too! Here's a pic of Cameron with the Easter Bunny!

So that's it for now. I'm off to list some more feedsacks today. Hope everying is having a great weekend!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to My Sewing Room!

I'm going to take you around the room from the point that I enter at the top of the stairs..... This is where I cut. Underneath are all my repro solids. You can also see the chair I sit in occasionally. I can also watch the TV from there:
This shelf holds SOME of my books and misc. stuff. Actually, I moved the lion's share of my books to the shelves in the bathroom. It doesn't get too much use, so I'm not too grossed out! The solids on the floor are all vintage solids:
OK--Now here's the new things we've added recently. Bill put the large shelf on the right together that we got from Wal-Mart. It holds all the repro fabs I use to sew with. Before they were all stacked on the floor! He built the smaller shelf unit to the left of it. It holds all my felt, some of the feedsacks I use for myself, and my chenilles. Some of it was on the floor and some came from other shelving units.
The other large shelves to the left of that one were already there and hold my regular and vintage cottons plus 25 years worth of ufos.
Continuing to the left is my TV and more of the feedsacks I use for sewing. The small shelf unit to the right of the TV are all novelty feedsacks that I will eventually sell.
Here are some of the feedsacks that I will sell in some form or another. The mess you see on the floor is me putting feedsack pieces in groups to list on Etsy & Ebay.
Note the shelf Bill built above the doors to the bathroom and closet! Isn't he handy?? And some of it is still available! What should I do????
And here's my NEW ironing station! Bill built me a cabinet to hold my Big Board. It is the best thing to have that extra space underneath! Did you notice my Christmas present to myself?? I LOVE that Rowenta Steam Iron!! I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond using my 20% coupon and it ONLY (LOL) cost me $137. It hurt, but it was worth it!
One of the things that Bill did that I like the very BEST is my new design wall! It used to be a Warm and White batting tacked to the wall. It was a real problem if I needed to pin something. He saw Linda Jenkins' new design wall when we visited them this summer so we copied hers. He covered 2 big pieces of wallboard with batting and mounted them to the wall. Now I just pin into wallboard which is SO much easier! It's also great for picture taking. It measures about 7' x 7 1/2'. I LOVE it!!
OK-- I confess that I still have one rat's nest to clean up. OK-- I confess there's more than that. OK-- I confess there's STILL a LOT of stuff on the floor!! Anyhoo, here's all my vintage quilts, tops, chenille spreads and no telling what else. This is a before pic. I'm betting that you won't see alot of change in the after pic!
So that's it! Scary, huh? At least I know where everything is! And I must say that when I was going through my stuff I found some great things!! Very fun....

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on Mom

It's been interesting.....

On Friday afternoon, Mom was taken in to have some gall stones removed from her bile duct. Get this, her gall bladder had been removed 40 years ago! Apparently back then they did not remove the bile duct with it, so if you had some microscopic stones in there, they would just keep growing!

So the good news is that her color is good and physically she is much better. The bad news is that because of the anesthetic, the hallucinations (you remember last summer?) have recurred and are worse than ever. They're not controlled as of last night. Fortunately she's too weak to get out of bed and they have a monitor on her or we'd really be in trouble.

So I don't have a clue where we go from here. I've contacted the people I need to talk to about getting her into the Nursing area where she lives. Of course, you can do nothing on the weekend. Just hope it's not a hassle to get her in.

Bless her heart. She's so tired and it's so sad. I'll keep you posted....


Friday, April 3, 2009

Roadtrip Cancelled!!

Hi Everyone--

Just a quick update to tell you that we're not going anywhere right now. Bill's on the road to feeling better, but we took my Mom to the hospital yesterday afternoon. They're not sure yet what's going on. Tests to check her pancreas today.

So I'm sitting in the hospital and will have some time to catch up on magazines, etc! I'm really trusting God on this since she has been ready to enter into His presence for a long, long time. Keep us in your prayers, please. I'll keep you up to date.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Vacation - NOT!!

Well............. You'll have to excuse me, I'm rambling a bit today......

We were supposed to leave for a road trip to St. George, UT to see our friends Nick and Mary. But Bill woke up yesterday with a nasty upper respiratory something so instead, he went to the Dr. to get fixed. Well, not "fixed", but you know what I mean!

So we'll give him a few days to get better and THEN we'll head west. The motorhome is all ready to go!

Nanette is supposed to be in St. George this month, too, and I was hoping to see her. But it looked like we were going to miss each other. However, with this delay, things may work out after all! Maybe a silver lining, yes????

This has been an interesting week for a couple of reasons, nothing related to quilting! I'm not a native Okie, but have lived here a long time. I've come to understand that the very best thing about Oklahoma weather is that it's never boring! A couple of weekends ago we were in the 80s. Then last Saturday we had the most gorgeous snow!! Got about 7-8 inches of great big flakes all day long. Just beautiful. The Best part about it was that Sunday it was in the 60s and the snow was all gone! Our daughter and family live just outside OK City (about 100 miles away) and they didn't get as much as we did, but enough for Cameron and his Dad to play in. Is this not the cutest snowman you've ever seen???

The other thing that happened was termites! They say that there's two kinds of houses in Tulsa. One that has termites and the other that's fixin' to! (A little Okie Speak for you.) Well, now ours has gone from one category to the other. We walked into the bedroom last week to see all these flying bugs coming out from one of the light switches! So called the friendly pest control company and got that all fixed up. Sorry, no pictures of that for you.

So I'm trying to decide what to do with these extra couple of days. Sew?? List feedsacks on eBay?? Both???? I think both. Maybe list today and sew tomorrow. I put my roadtrip hold on my website and am caught up with cutting feedsack orders til I get back, so this 'found' time might be kinda fun!

Hope you're having a great week!