Saturday, November 1, 2008

Quilt Market - 1st Post

OK!! I'm home and my pics are readable so I'll start at the beginning - boring as it may be! Bill and I travel in a motor home and tow our car. To quote another friend - I didn't know I was a turtle. I want my house on my back! To be clear.... I am NOT a camper! I just prefer my own stuff and my own bed and my own potty to a hotel room. Let's just say that I like to have my condo on wheels.

This is where we parked in Houston. A nice place around a pretty little lake where we'd stayed before. The weather was mostly gorgeous!

The RV Park was FULL of people there for disaster relief from Hurricane Ike. There were 5th Wheels as far as the eye could see!

As soon as we got there we were off to deliver quilts to the Maywood booth to be displayed. Here's how my quilts looked...

And here's a close up of the chicken coop. Another pattern designer (I'll find out who) made these pincushions and needle keepers with the Rise N Shine fabric. Are they not the cutest things?? I think they're going to be in Nancy's Notions. Also note the darling Rooster quilt beneath the coop.

And another designer (again, I'll find out who) did a fabulous Block of the Month with the fabric. You can do either the big quilts or two smaller ones which are hanging on the sides.

After hanging quilts we were pooped and headed for home. Come back tomorrow to see the best part. I got to meet all kinds of wonderful blogging stars!!

Til then... Blessings ~


Jackie said...

Glenna, You got some great pics. My friend Pam and I adored those chickens and wanted to walk off with them, but being the honest people we are, we did not. Loved the fabric and the quilts. It was a pleasure meeting you. I have posted to posts about market and you are in both. Check out the pics. Looking forward to your next post.

PamKittyMorning said...

I heard lots of people loving your display, the fabric is completely darling!! I really enjoyed meeting you at market!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Loved everything!!!!!!! Especially meeting YOU!!
How fun getting to stay in a motor home instead of a hotel. I think that would be fun. Plus I could buy more and have lots of room to bring it home. Southwest frowns on more than 50 pounds. LOLOL And I was at 48.

Dawn said...

Love the pics! Love the pincushion too.

Joan said...

Wow love the quilts and all the chicken inspired things.