Friday, November 21, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

I wanted to show you what greets me when I open my front door. It's just breathtaking right now!

This week has been spent getting my Mom taken care of. To the eye Dr. and the Audiologist. He fitted her new hearing aids yesterday and she can hear! What a thrill for her (and us!). A real blessing. We're having Thanksgiving at our house next week and she'll actually be able to participate in the conversation.

Her macular degeneration seems to be getting worse. The Dr. is trying a new drug. Do you know they use chemotherapy to treat it? A shot in the eyeball every few weeks. I guess it beats going blind, yes? My Mom would say it sucks to be 97.

Today's beautiful quilts are from Nanette at Freda's Hive. She does fabulous work and loves vintage stuff. Here are some pics of feedsack quilts she made. I love the red in this snowball with the yellow border.

The little daisy block in this darling piece is from my Daisy Patch pattern. I love how she combined it with other applique blocks!

Here's are some closeups.... I think she bought some of the fabrics from me, too.

Don't you just LOVE the rickrack handle on the teapot?

Thanks so much, Nanette!! I'm sure all of you know that she is a terrific designer and one of the biggest blog stars on the network! If by chance you haven't visited her blog, be sure to do it soon.

Keep sending the pics! I just love seeing and sharing them. Have a great weekend!!



Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Aw Glenna - How sweet! What a lovely suprise. I'm very honored. Your feedsack pieces are definately in both quilts! These are two of my favorites. The feedsacks speak to me. I can't wait to see a kitchen quilt by you! I have one inside me too - well another one. I've made several. Thank you so much.

Stephanie said...

Nanette makes the most wonderful projects from THE most fantastic fabric. Your tree is glorious!

Eileen said...

Wow.. you are much further south than me, all our leaves are off. That is a brilliant sight to behold!

And Nanette's quilts are brilliant too. She is definltey one of the most wonderful people in the Land of Blog.. and the world. :-) I'm glad you featured her things today.

I may want to ask you about that chemo shot..

Jackie said...

Beautiful tree!! We have no more leaves to speak of anymore. I love Nanette's work too. She really has some fantastic quilts and always seems to be hard at work! Thanks for sharing her pics. I am glad to read that your mom is doing well wit the new hearing aids and hope all goes well with her new treatment for her eyes.

joan said...

Wow what a glorious Autumn sight. thank you for sharing that with us.

Melanie said...

I love the gentleness in the feed sack colours you have been showing. However I love the rich reds in your view from your door. :-) Jewel-like.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Glenna that tree is beautiful1!! WOW!!! What a nice thing to see when you open the door. I see smog myself. LOLOL!!!
Great quilt show and tell. That yellow border with the red in the snowballs are so cool.
Good news about your mom's hearing and I hope her eyes get better soon. I can't imagine being 97.