Saturday, November 29, 2008

Off to See the Fleas!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our daughter, son-in-law and grandson came over for the day. My Mom could actually hear the conversation and really enjoyed having the family together. She stayed longer than usual and was exhausted but it was a "good" tired. Here's a pic of the kids. Cameron really wanted you to see all his missing teeth. I guess he'll be singing "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" this year.

He brought us a decoration that he made at school. It was lovely on the table, but he wanted to take it home so he could eat the suckers.

I'm sure most of you were exhausted, too! I know I was. Being on your feet all day in the kitchen is about the only negative I can find for the Holidays. Small price to pay.....

So off we went to the Flea Market this morning! Tulsa has had a wonderful weekly flea market for over 30 years on Saturday morning at the Fairgrounds. It has kind of been bounced around for the last few years due to building and expanding at the Fairgrounds, but the Saturday after Thanksgiving is always it's biggest day. Here's my haul---

I know you can't tell much, but there's over 30 feedsacks, a baby chenille spread, some buttons and a needle card. Not bad, huh?

You probably all know it, but Nanette at Freda's Hive had a Christmas Cottage swap this year. They are so cute! Imagine how fun it was to see some of them made out of my "Sugar N Spice" Christmas fabric! Here are some that Jane Remus of Jane's Fabrics & Quilts made out of it.

Thanks for letting me show them, Jane! This is some of the fabric on sale in my Etsy shop if you're interested.

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to do your part for the economy this weekend! LOL!! Were you at the stores at 4 am to get the bargains yesterday?? They'd have to pay ME to do that!



Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The one with the flowered roof was my favorite of Jane's. I saw your new fabric at Fat Quarter Shop - so cute!

Jackie said...

I love your haul from the flea market!! What finds!! I do love Jane's blocks and love what she did to incorporate your fabric.

Sherry said...

Cameron's turkey is just adorable. Love your flea market finds. Jane's sugar & spice cottages are so awesome, thanks for sharing all the great pics with us.

barbara said...

That grandson is just too cute! They will have to lock him away in a few years. Glad to thear that mom is well. Take care.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Great haul you got there. And no way would I get out there to shop at 4a.m. for nothing. I'd pay them double just to not have to get up early. LOL
Happy belated Thanksgiving!!
Love the cute photo of the two missing front teeth.