Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last Day Before Market

Well, this week we're tying up loose ends and getting ready to head out. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you this week in Houston. If you're there and have a minute, here's my schedule:
  • Schoolhouse on Friday from 12:20 - 12:50

  • Book signing at Krause on Saturday at 11:00 am

  • Book signing at EE Schenck on Saturday at 3:00 pm

  • Book signing at EE Schenck on Sunday at 11:00 am

Other than that I am going to have fun looking around and seeing what's new! And hopefully visiting with friends.

My Mom got sick last week with bronchitis. You might remember that we had to cancel our vacation last summer when she had hallucinations. What a nightmare that was! I took her to the Dr. on Friday and he put her on some med that made her hallucinate again. I think we nipped it in the bud and she seems to be some better. I've got a nurse checking on her every other day for awhile. Keep your fingers crossed that she does OK until we get back.

I wanted to show you the quilts that Denise Schillinger of Swanville, MN sent me pics of. The first one is a butterfly quilt that she made for her church for an auction from some feedsacks that had been donated. Lucky gal! The second is another butterfly that she made from repros and a closeup. I never get tired of butterfly quilts. I know there's one in my future. Thanks so much Denise!

Don't forget to keep sending the pics! Can't wait to see what you're up to!

I'll keep in touch while I'm gone. Til next time---



Jackie said...

Love the pictures of the beautiful butterfly quilt! I will definitely stop by to see you in Houston! Maybe at Schoolhouse. I love Schoolhouse it keeps you hopping! I hope mom feels better.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love those 30's feedsack butterfly quilts! Have fun at market. I'm sure you will be very busy and so many will want to meet you and get your book.