Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Quick Update

Boy! What a tough week so far! I talked with the Director of Emergency Services yeserday for a half hour on the phone and vented every one of my complaints. She absolutely agreed that everything was poorly handled and will investigate and get a letter off to me with the results. She also said that there are ways around the HIPAA laws and that the nurse I spoke with will be instructed on how to do that. If nothing else, she should give the matter to her superior.

Sadly, my Mom's hallucinations were back yesterday. It seems like they are going to return when she is not receiving the anti-psychotic drug with a sedative. Just makes me sick. Only time will tell if this will be resolved. She's going downhill quickly. I'm OK with that and I know she is, too. She has been ready to be with her Lord for a long time now. I just want to make sure that she's comfortable and safe.

I visited a Nursing Home yesterday and talked to a couple more. There are probably only 3 or 4 that I would consider for her and of course, they're all full and you get on a list if they're even taking names! It's so frustrating and sad. I know that God will work this out and I must be patient. Meanwhile, I found a great gal to help with her until something comes along.

Thank you so much for your wonderful notes and support on this! I treasure each one of you whether you post a comment or not.



Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

With the medicare mess in Washington right now it is going to be very hard for nursing facilities. RIght now payments for medicare are suspended for 15 days. This means that it will be hard for facilities to care for the patients and almost impossible to take new ones on. It is hardest on the most elderly. I know it is difficult to worry about her health, happiness, and insurance all at the same time! My dad passed on his birthday. It was kind of like a present to him that he got to go on that special day. It was very sweet but I miss him so much all the time. Just not having him to talk to is hard.

Catherine said...

Thank heavens you found someone to help your mother -- as it is awfully scary when they're frail and waiting for a spot in a nursing home. When I was trying to find a spot for my mother, I pulled every string I could think of to pull - and realized it sometimes really is the squeaky wheel that gets attention first.

Darlene said...

Oh Glenna I'm so sorry to read about your Mom and the challenges you have encountered with our medical system. Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Sending little hugs, too. ((hugs))

quiltingnana said...

Dealing with the elderly and the medical system is so stressful (and I even have nurses in the family!)...been there, done that. My thoughts are with you.

Actually, I was steered to your blog through Eileen's attic. I had asked her a question about feedsack fabric. Your spot is great

Anonymous said...

My heart is so touched by your struggle and my prayers are with you and your Mom. I walk in your shoes, although my Mom is 85 and doing fairly well. Being a caregiver is HARD work, but I count my blessings that I still have my Mom. I lost my Dad when I was a teenager, so she has always been so precious to me. I wish there was something more I could do or say to lessen your worries and concerns. Just know that we all walk beside you in prayer and thought. Hugs, Annie in San Diego

Cheryl said...

Keeping you in my thoughts, hand in there.