Monday, June 30, 2008

Update on My Mom

This has been an outrageous week. I have so many complaints about the medical community I don't know where to begin! Don't worry, though. I won't go on and on.

As many of you know, my mom is 96 and failing, but she's in her right mind and pretty alert. She lives in assisted living and only gets help with her meds and bathing. Her doctor had started her on a new Parkinson's drug to manage her tremors and she began having hallucinations. She knew what she was seeing wasn't real. We were scheduled to leave on a REAL vacation (not business) trip for Bill's birthday and they kept saying that the drug would work out of her system and it would be OK.

We took off last Wed. and by the time we were 600 miles away, she was much worse! They took her BP and it was over 200 so they sent her to the hospital. Of course her Dr. was going out of town, but his partner was on call. Needless to say, we turned around and started home.

The hospital ran every test known to man to make sure they made their money! She was dehydrated and had blood in her urine, but they didn't treat her for anything!! They just blew it off as her being old. And to top it off-- get this-- THE NURSE HAD A PIECE OF PAPER IN FRONT OF HER THAT GAVE ME HER MEDICAL DIRECTIVE, BUT SHE WOULDN'T DISCUSS HER CONDITION WITH ME BECAUSE SHE DIN'T KNOW I WAS WHO I SAID I WAS!!!!!!! Even when I told I was hundreds of miles from home and her ONLY family. Nope, they couldn't do a thing for her so they were sending her home in the same condition she came in! I explained that she lived ALONE, but it didn't matter. They had talked to the doctor on call and he said to release her and return her by ambulance! Can you believe it?????

I got a friend to pick her up and called the Dr. and pealed his ears back so he ordered her an antibiotic and a sedative to help her sleep. She hadn't slept for at least 2 days. When I got home, I got her 24 hour care (at $500 a day)! Her hallucinations have gone away at this point and she's much better. I will be filing a complaint with the hospital and anyone else I can find to yell at. I just don't know what is in store for us with the health industry. It's just awful----

OK, I'm done. On a more fun note! I happened to see Cyndi Walker's blog. She's making a new bag with the Bees Knees fabric. Ought to be fun! Check it out at Wishful Stitches.

So I'm home for now. At least maybe I'll have time to list some things on Etsy and sew on a project or two. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hi Glenna, I work in healthcare for a neurology group and unfortunately the government makes it very hard for us to communicate with family with current health care laws. Parkinson's medication makes some patients hallucinate. Its very disorienting. I'm glad she got that cleared up. There are so many problems with health care right now related to cost and care. It will be very interesting to see what the new president does with some of the problems. I hope she gets better.

Catherine said...

Glenna - what a nightmare! I ended up having to argue with health care providers almost every time my mother was hospitalized. It's so exhausting being an advocate for a parent -- but oh, so necessary!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hear ya Glenna. My FIL is over 90 and we've been thru the same thing with hospitals and doctors. It's just awful. We had sit in the emergency room hallway for over 12 hours with him. they were so full that they had no rooms. They did all his testing IN THE HALL!! It's just awful. I feel for ya. Hang in there.

belinda said...

Wow!! What can I say but a prayer!? My parents are just in their early 70's so I haven't had to be where you are yet, and being the only girl and quite possible the one living the closest I'm sure it will all fall to me. Thanks for sharing, sometimes we do need a place vent. Thank you also for stoppin by my blog. Now go rest up!


Annette said...

So sorry to hear about the scarey things happening to your mom. I do hope she is doing better. And that you are okay too. The medical world is hard to understand. I've had cancer and chemo twice in the last few years and seemed like I was living in a medical world where everything was so confusing. I do get good treatment but still feel lost.