Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taking Care of Cameron

We're taking care of our grandson this week while our kids go on a cruise. Our daughter Kim is a Director for Pampered Chef and she earns a trip every year. This year it's off to the Carribbean so we're in charge of Cameron.

For those of you that don't know, Cameron was adopted by Kim & Jack when he was about 22 months old. He was being raised by his great grandparents who knew they were just too old to keep him forever. Kim and Jack had been through nightmares with infertility problems. Failed invitros, surgeries, years of sadness and longing for that child that wasn't to be. So God in all His mercy brought Cameron to them. What a joy and treasure he is for all of us!

Cameron is 5 now and a typical little boy. I had never been around a little boy before, so it's been wonderful getting to be close to him and do my part as a grandparent. Which, by the way, is the absolute best! He and his Poppie are off to the zoo today with his preschool class. I wonder who'll be more exhausted when they get home???

So I get the day to sew! I must say it doesn't sound bad at all. Hope you're having a great day, too!