Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Assisted Living for My Mom

For those of you who don't already know, my mom is 96. She has lived in a retirement facility for about 4 years. I have been able to keep her on independent living because I do her pills on a weekly basis.

A couple of weeks ago I found out that she is no longer taking a shower. Only "spit baths" as she calls them. I asked her how she was washing her hair (she wears wigs all the time) and she replied that she wasn't. Her hair didn't need it! So needless to say the alarms started going off all around me!

I decided that it was time for Assisted Living. They will now give her her meds and help with bathing a couple times a week. She doesn't have to give up her lovely apartment and they are willing to adjust to her schedule. It sounds great, doesn't it? Well, yesterday they didn't give her her morning pills or her bath. So I will give them a couple of weeks to adjust.

My question for you. Does anyone have any advice for dealing with assisted living arrangements? If so, please email me and share at hollyhockquilts@cox.net. I know I've said it before, but dealing with aging parents is a whole new and difficult situation. Wish I had all the answers.



PamKittyMorning said...

No advice really, just hopes that things work out for you and your mom.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Luckily my sister sold her home and had 4 months before her new home was done and moved in with my dad just in time. He died only days before she had to move. It was a huge blessing. My only advice for dealing with his illness (he died on his 89th birthday) was get your name on all her accounts, even phone or anything. Dealing with people after he died was a nightmare. I was so glad I was on his checking account. I didn't realize how important it was until it was over. Thats the best advice I have. You've got your hands full. My prayers are with you.

~D Spack~ said...

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

We have been going thru the older parent thing with hubby's parents. MIL just passed way from Alzheimers. It was very sad she had it for ten years. Now FIL is on his way to 91 and needing more help all the time. It's alot of stress for hubby but somebody's gotta do it and he's the one.
Good luck to you!!!!

blop said...

I just found your blog thru Sharon (redgeranium).
We are dealing w/Mother's issues since Dad died and it has been an nightmare getting her s/u in assited living.
Our advice is to bring lots of goodies for the caregivers...it puts the mother at the top of their list to take care of her needs....and let me tell you, they are many and she is horrible, but it has made a difference in getting her needs (meds, baths) taken care of!!! Hope that helps.
Agreed w/Nanette....the finances are horrific unless you get your name on everything and her name off. My sister is the one dealing w/finances and it has taken almost a year to get them taken care of, too.