Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wild Wednesday (Not!)!!

BORING, BORING, BORING!!! I apologize for not posting earlier this week. Let's see....

Monday was cleaning day and laundry. Sound familiar?? Tuesday was 4 hours at the Eye Dr. with my Mom in the afternoon. Wait, wait, wait.

That morning we went to the cemetery to purchase crypts because they were on SALE!! Oh yes!! You read it right! The crypts were on sale!! 50% off no less. Does that strike you as hilarious as it does me???? Not really where I would have liked to spend money, but I could just hear ourselves later saying, as we were writing that check to bury one or the other, OH WHY did we not do that??

No new fabric, nothing exciting. So I'll take the opportunity to show you a couple of Gallery Photos! Thank goodness for my friends!

This is a wonderful piece done by Lina LaMora in Purcellville, VA. It is a Drunkard's Path design done in authentic feedsacks. She says it was her 1st attempt at machine quilting. I think she did a beautiful job! Thanks, Lina!

I also want to share these darling dolls made by Jenny Alcorn from Victoria, AU. She dressed them in several of the "Fun with Feedsacks" prints. Thanks for sharing the pics, Jenny!

Other than that, I do have some good news! I got the results back from my Dr. on my blood sugar. I'm happy to say that it is back in the normal range so I guess my diligence has paid off! This week will be my last posting about my weight (which hasn't changed), not because I'm not still working at it, but I'm down to those last few pounds which may take forever to get rid of. I just can't bear filling you in on the ounces gained or lost over the next few months! But I will let you know when I reach my goal.

I give many thanks to General Geranium for her encouragement and kick start to get so many of us on the road to getting healthier. Thanks, Sharon!!

I'm actually still working on the quilt that was inspired by the vintage piece I showed you. I'm really happy with the way it's working out, too! I'll give you a sneak peek soon. I think you'll be surprised.

Have a great week, my friends. Hope you get to do lots of quilting!



Stephanie said...

Too funny...guess the recession is affecting the dying business too! Basically you got a two-fer!

Lovely drunkard's path. A quilt I still have not made but love.

Valerie said...

Can't help but die laughing (get it) at the crypt sale. But oh, it is much better to have a great sense of humor when shopping for such an item. I remember before my dad passed away, my mom made my brother and I go with her to the funeral home to pick out the casket because she said it would be ten times harder if we waited until after he had passed (which is true), and the only way I knew I would be able to walk through the casket room was to pretend I was in some weird Saturday Night Live skit. It helped a little. And I did laugh out loud when they showed us one of the Elvis variety. Seriously. My dad would have strangled me if I had picked the Elvis one. :)

Dawn said...

Stunning quilt, darling dolls and a crypt 50% off...what more could you ask for?!?

Jackie said...

Wow, crypt shopping, that is definitely not your typical shopping day! Glad to hear all is well on the blood sugar front. That is a must to keep in check. The quilt from your gallery is fantastic and you are right, she has done a great job for her first time quilting.

The Quilt Buddy said...

Glenna you are too funny! You are's not like you won't use in about 25 years! Since they were on sale, did you get one for your fabric? LOL :o)!!!!!

Thanks for sharing the quilts.

We will have to celebrate your sucessful weight loss! Wohoo...and congrats on getting your blood sugar under control!

Have a good day!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh, that quilt is beautiful! And the dolls are adorable. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Good news about your blood sugar! I've been experimenting with Agave, a low Glycemic natural sweetener. Several friends of mine are diabetic or have cut out processed sugar, so I'm trying out new recipes for them.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The quilt is lovely. LOVELY. She did a fabulous job.

Francy said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

So your leaving us huh?? We'll miss you but congrats on the loss. You just gotta get those crypts while they are 50 percent off. That's a deal. lolol You should have gotten a few extra for sale later. Better deal than the stock market. We're all gonna die right?? :-)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Did stefanie call you GLENNA? ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I am such a ding dong. I thought I was reading Tammy's blog and I'm reading yours. So Stefanie I'm the ding dong not you. lolol!!!!!!!!! Too much dieting maybe??

Della said...

A crypt sale. Now I've heard of everything. At least you know they will get used and not just sit and collect dust. OMG, the more I think about this the funnier it is. Ok, ok...I'm under control now. Love the dolls. Their hair is just too adorable. I want one.