Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Home Again!!

Well, we're back to the real world. We had wonderful weather all the way home and spent the day yesterday catching up with orders, mail and messages. Today I'll be back at work getting some quilting done.

Getting away was a wonderful thing. I was able to relax and my body got back into it's natural rhythm. All my aches and pains went away. Stress is not a good thing even when it's good stress and you're doing something you love. That's the one thing I notice about getting a little older. My body just does not do stress very well anymore. I used to love that adrenalin "high" of jumping from one project to the next. No more. Now I need my down time and sometimes I don't get enough of it.

But it's a new day! My deadlines are mostly met and I'm looking forward to making some new quilts. Hope you all get to do some new things, too!


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