Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year!

Christmas was a blur at the Hailey household this year! Right after the power came back on we were off to our daughter Kim's house near Oklahoma City. She had a long needed hysterectomy and we did our best to corral our 4 year old grandson, Cameron. Brought him home with us for a couple of days to let her rest and let him "camp out" in Mimi and Poppy's bedroom at night. He thought that was great!

I'm still at work on the last Bees Knees quilt. Hope to have it finished today. Then photo and get the pattern finished. I thought all my deadlines would be long gone by now, but no! It seems like there's always one sneaking around the corner.

I hope everyone had a lovely and meaningful Christmas and is looking forward to a wonderful New Year. I'm hoping to really expand the website this year and include lots more stuff. Let's see how much actually gets done!



jillthetexasjunker said...

Happy new year to you! I'm so glad you have a blog now. I will add you to my blog favs - Jill from McKinney, TX

PamKittyMorning said...

Hey, just happened by after reading your entry on the fat quarter shop blog. I have been a fan of your fabrics for some time and what a coincidence, we just kitted up a quilt using the Bee's Knees today at the shop I work at!

Happy New Year! Congrats on all your success!