Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quilting in Northern Michigan ~ Part 1

Can you believe it? When I went to the first quilt shop in this area I found out that a Shop Hop was going on! How lucky is that?? This darling quilt shop, Hearts to Holly, is in Charlevoix, one of the most charming towns I've ever seen. It is owned by Sue (2nd from left) and her daughters, sweet granddaughter and a good friend were there helping out on that busy day.

Sue carries TONS of great fabrics and everything else a quilter needs, all arranged beautifully throughout several rooms. Instead of having 'door' prizes, she gave away 'FLOOR' prizes! They tell everyone to stand on a number and then have a drawing to see who wins. It looked like great fun!

Now, get this..... I'm browsing the books, and lo and behold! My eyes land on 'Sugar Sack Quilts'!! Well, being the dork that I am, I shout out, "Oh! You have my book!!". Immediately, several people look at me thinking that I am awfully weird to get so excited to see a book that I have already purchased, available in another quilt shop! Then of course, I have to explain. They were very nice to Miss Blabbermouth and sisters Sharon and Judy even bought themselves a copy since I was there to sign it. Maybe that made up for my outburst.

Anyhow, everyone was delightful and the experience was a perfect way to start my day. After bidding Adieu, I was off to the next shop. A few miles down the road to Bellaire and I entered another wonderful shop, Cousins Quilt Shop.

I found very little in common with the 2 shops which is what you hope for. This shop carried LOTS of Batiks and Wool. I especially liked the vintage pieces that were used for display.

So after a good amount of time, I was off to the next shop to look for more treasures. Shortly after I arrived, though, I heard something that made me abandon the Shop Hop altogether and head for parts unknown! Stay tuned for the next installment to see what it was that got me back on the road.....



Stephanie said...

Giggling at your "outburst." I love you sharing your quilt shop ventures.

Truffle queen said...

What fun! Charlevoix is sooo beautiful! Too bad you don't have a picture of the expressions of those women - worth a million $$!!

Devoted to Quilting said...

Love your 'story' and am looking forward to the next installment. While other quilters might not understand your excitement and outburst, other writers do. Especially, if we're quilters and writers. Congratulations on seeing your book in the store, and what luck, to happen in during a shop hop! ~Nita

Northern Deb said...

We were SO happy you told us about your book. It was the highlight of our Shop Hop. And thank you for taking pictures of us and the shop. I LOVE working for Sue at H2H Quilt shop... they're a wonderful family and great friends.

Can't wait to hear the ending to this story!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How fun. I laughed at the book thing. I'd have done the same thing. Cute story. Lovely shop.

Carmen said...

Thanks so much for all the great comments and positive words!! We were happy to have you visit our shop.
Thanks, Carmen
Cousin's Quilt Shop