Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage Quilt Top #3

This is the next quilt top I have to show you. A vintage 1930's Double Wedding Ring with "That Green" in the background. It is just wonderful! Enjoy!



The Quilt Buddy said...


You have the most fabulous vintage quilts!

Hope that you have a great weekend.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh gosh that is beautiful, I really do love the green!

Suzanne said...

The green background was quite a bold statement for the 30's. Makes you wonder about the personality of the quilter. So many of the wedding ring quilts from this time were on muslin or white background. I'll bet this quilter was the life of the party. Thank for sharing.

pratima said...

The green looks so beautiful with the prints. Gorgeous quilt!

Sherri said... these quilts you've been sharing! It was wonderful to meet you on Friday...just wish I'd brought my book so you could have signed it! Thank you for sharing your story...I love the blocks you're making as well!

Christine said...

Oh my I never find a treasure like that. it is my dream to own one 1930's DWR top or quilt, guess I have to keep looking.


ps. you sure look like you all had a great time

Marbles in a Mason Jar said...

Love the vintage quilt! I quilted one exactly like that (yes, green and all) a few months ago. I love working/seeing these beautiful quilts.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I was just looking for vintage green quilts on google and your beautiful one popped up! Love it - especially that green. Thanks for sharing!