Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tidbits and Update on Mom

Hi Everyone--

It's been a long week. We thought we were going to lose Mom on Saturday, but by Monday she had stabilized slightly. I guess she's just not ready to go yet. I nearly did myself in spending so much time at the Nursing Home. I don't ever remember being as tired as I was on Monday night. On Tuesday, I asked her if she knew who I was and she shook her head no. I'm OK with that. If she doesn't know it's me that's there, I don't feel so inclined to stay and wear myself out. It's a gift. As of yesterday, not much change except that the Hospice Nurse said she's beginning to hear a bit of fluid in the lungs and her bowels sounded "airy". So who knows how long. I'm just patiently waiting, knowing that God's timing is perfect......

You don't know (you probably do) how much it means to me that you have left such wonderful notes of caring and encouragement. Thank you so much. I am constantly amazed at how a group of people, most of whom you've never met face-to-face can be so much support! I know I haven't responded to everyone yet, but I will. Thanks again.

On to happier and more interesting things! I got an email from Jody at American Patchwork and Quilting to say that an article in the Summer issue of Quilts and More had a project using Rise N Shine! Here's a pic:

Isn't it cute? What a great idea! For more info, visit Jody's blog. She also told me that the Oct. 09 issue of APQ has a review online of my book. I haven't read it since the link isn't active yet, so I hope it's good!

I have to tell you what happened yesterday. They say jokingly in this business that you know you have it made when one of your quilts get reproduced by the Chinese! Well, believe me I haven't "made it" by any stretch, but here's what I saw in an "Antique Mall" yesterday.

And here's one of the quilts in my book called "Strippin' in the Garden". Sorry it's not a better picture. After being sued too many times, I guess they've learned to change it just enough to say it's not a repro. What do you think?

They've changed the background from red to yellow and they changed the flower. Instead of outlining the curve on the stripped piece with rickrack, they just put a circle around the flower. They put blue in the 4 corners. Also, they added that little outside white border and did an envelope turn to finish the edge. Pretty funny, huh? It's actually pretty cute! And a LOT cheaper than I'd sell one for!!

That's it for me right now. My eBay and Etsy stores pretty well sold out while I was gone so I'm trying to get some new things listed. I'll keep you posted on how things go.



Muddling Through said...

That's just wrong about your quilt. Stealing is not nice. :)

My grandmother went home to heaven at 93. She wanted to go earlier and actually got a little mad at God that He didn't let her! But, she went in His good time, and as you say, you mom will, too.

You know, you're in line for that "long life" blessing for honoring your mother as you have!

Stephanie said...

Be sure to take good care of youself!

I still don't understand people copying the work of others and trying to profit off of it. UGH!

I'm not trying to promote my blog but I've come into some lovely treasures from my mom. Posts are called Mother Lode. :o) Perhaps you'll enjoy when you have time.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Please do take care of yourself, remember your family still needs you and your Mom would want you to do that. God has a plan,it may not be what we want but it is a plan.
As for your quilt, are these people just not smart enough to know, that we all know, or are they just lazy and just want to profit from all your hard work. Such a shmae.
Cute project with your fabrics, and I am sure your review is wonderful. Please do not be shy, if you see it, please post it see we can all oooow and ahhh too!
Thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

barbara@quiltsoup said...

Thanks for the update on your mom. DO NOT wear yourself out!

The Chinese quilt isn't nearly as cute in my humble opinion! But it's the thought that counts, right? HA!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The waiting seems long and then poof it is over. Stay strong my dear. You will I know. It can wear you out though, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. You want her to leave on the best of circumstances.

The quilt is definately a copy! Wowie it is. Cute quilt. But what do you do. It just goes to show you how great your work is.

Quilt Hollow said...

In time she will be in a far better the meantime, keep yourself well.
Well, isn't that odd about the quilt!

GARI said...

My prayers are with you and your Mom.

Jackie said...

Hi Glenna, It was so nice to get your e-mail today. I have been thinking of you and your mom. Please get some rest and take care of yourself. My prayers and thought are with you all.

I love the little pillow and can't wait to get the magazine. I did see the review on the book, I got the magazine in the mail the other day. But you know that I am partial to your book and will never give up my signed copy!! Ever!!!

By the way, your quilt is much nicer!!

Rosy Lady said...

What a great testimony of your faith in God, I pray that He will continue to be strong when you are weak and that you will genuinely be able to say 'it is well with my soul' when it is all over.

As for the quilts, I would pay the extra money for your quilt rather than the rip-off. Your quilt is just gorgeous!

You don't have to respond to my comment - one less thing to do. Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you in this time.

Truffle queen said...

Thy will be done. Just remember the best days of years gone by. May the Lord give you peace - now and when your mother has gone to her eternal resting place.

Ironic that a copy of your quilt is displayed at an ANTIQUE shop! How can that be? Talk about fraud!

Take care of yourself and let others take care of you, too!

Thoughts and prayers are with you.

pratima said...

So sorry to hear about your mom.
Please take good care of yourself.

The Quilt Buddy said...

We never know what God has in store for us! When it is time, it is time, but until then we should enjoy every minute!

Just remember that you are never alone, no matter what! THe load is always easier to bear with the help of others.

Take care of yourself!

Barb said...

It is wonderful that you are able to find the silver lining in your are an amazing woman....and how awesome for your work to be in a magazine....congrats

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Glenna I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I know how hard this is for you. I hope she is comfortable and she wont suffer. You take care of yourself.
I can't believe someone is doing you wrong. It's just not right when people do ugly things. I hope they remember, what goes around comes around.

Samantha said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog...and I'm so glad I found it. Just want to say how sorry I am about your Mom, but isn't hospice care amazing. I get tears in my eyes when I remember how wonderful the nurses were to my Grandma. Take extra good care of yourself.

Now as for the quilts...yours is just the colors. Their quilt is cute too, but I definitely think they copied you. It's a wonderful design, but they shouldn't be allowed to copy you without permission.