Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Vacation - NOT!!

Well............. You'll have to excuse me, I'm rambling a bit today......

We were supposed to leave for a road trip to St. George, UT to see our friends Nick and Mary. But Bill woke up yesterday with a nasty upper respiratory something so instead, he went to the Dr. to get fixed. Well, not "fixed", but you know what I mean!

So we'll give him a few days to get better and THEN we'll head west. The motorhome is all ready to go!

Nanette is supposed to be in St. George this month, too, and I was hoping to see her. But it looked like we were going to miss each other. However, with this delay, things may work out after all! Maybe a silver lining, yes????

This has been an interesting week for a couple of reasons, nothing related to quilting! I'm not a native Okie, but have lived here a long time. I've come to understand that the very best thing about Oklahoma weather is that it's never boring! A couple of weekends ago we were in the 80s. Then last Saturday we had the most gorgeous snow!! Got about 7-8 inches of great big flakes all day long. Just beautiful. The Best part about it was that Sunday it was in the 60s and the snow was all gone! Our daughter and family live just outside OK City (about 100 miles away) and they didn't get as much as we did, but enough for Cameron and his Dad to play in. Is this not the cutest snowman you've ever seen???

The other thing that happened was termites! They say that there's two kinds of houses in Tulsa. One that has termites and the other that's fixin' to! (A little Okie Speak for you.) Well, now ours has gone from one category to the other. We walked into the bedroom last week to see all these flying bugs coming out from one of the light switches! So called the friendly pest control company and got that all fixed up. Sorry, no pictures of that for you.

So I'm trying to decide what to do with these extra couple of days. Sew?? List feedsacks on eBay?? Both???? I think both. Maybe list today and sew tomorrow. I put my roadtrip hold on my website and am caught up with cutting feedsack orders til I get back, so this 'found' time might be kinda fun!

Hope you're having a great week!



Jackie said...

Your motorhome is gorgeous. I hope your hubby feels better soon. Bet it was all that snow that wore his immune system down. 80 degrees one day freezing the next. Yikes! I am all in favor of listing the feed sacks, please! Have a great day Glenna!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Best wishes to Bill. His misfortune could be our fortune. Termites! ick ick I don't really think we have them here in Utah. Nasty problem. Terminex!

Sharon said...

WE just had the dreaded termite inspection today. And yes sirry we have the little buggers. Of course I think every house in Ca. has them just like Ok. I guess. Grrrr
I'm wanting to travel your style. That motorhome is wonderful.
Hope your hubby is better soon.