Monday, January 12, 2009

Loser Monday!

I'm doing my part to participate in Sharon's challenge to lose weight! Miss Red Geranium Cottage is determined to lose weight and has included any who want to follow that path in her effort to do so. I'll post my weekly weight loss updates at the end of this page. Here's my story:

I've been overweight most of my adult life. I have dieted on and off and lost a few pounds and gained back more. Sound familiar? I'm absolutely convinced that I'd weigh 20 pounds less if I'd never dieted.

Anyhoo, several years ago I learned about the Weigh Down program. If you're not familiar with it, it's a faith based weight loss program developed by a Gwen somebody (can't recall her name right now). It is the only eating program that has ever made any sense to me at all. It's focused on getting in touch with your body and what it feels like to be hungry and full. For anyone who has ever been a compulsive eater, that is a whole new thing. It becomes a way of life to actually eat in response to your body's needs. What it really boils down to is portion control. Not what you eat, but how much. I'm not good at denying myself things that I enjoy, so this lets me eat small amounts of them which I find is enough to satisfy.

Back to a few years ago..... I lost about 20 pounds and it was the only time I didn't gain it back. But I got lazy and didn't lose the rest. Until about a year ago and my Dr. told me I was mildly diabetic and said I could control it if I lost 25 pounds. What??? I have NO diabetes in my family and I thought diabetes was for grossly overweight people!! 25 pounds?? Please!!

Well, he didn't put me on meds and just wanted me to lose the weight. OK. Back to the Weigh Down thing. I lost another 20 and plan to lose my last 10 now. I will be going back to see him to have my blood sugar tested and see where I stand. I hope he's right about the weight loss. We'll see. I have since learned that there is a HUGE connection between stress and diabetes! That's one reason I'm trying to reduce as much stress as possible in my life, such as deadlines and pressure from outside sources.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! I'll keep you informed as to my weight loss by posting on Mondays and let you know about my blood sugar count when I get it. He hasn't put me on a monitor yet. I actually appreciate that he has not been real agressive about it since I hear there are a lot of unwanted side effects from the medications that control blood sugar. So keep your fingers crossed! And a few extra prayers to keep me focused and eating healthy would be greatly appreciated.

I actually weigh on Fridays since I tend to splurge a little more on the weekends. But I'll still give you the results on Monday.

Jan 19th - ONE POUND!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!
Jan 26th - Another HALF POUND!
Feb 2nd - BOO HOO!! I think I gained back that half pound!!
Feb 9th - I lost the half pound and one more!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!!
Feb 16th - No weight lost, but that's OK! I had a lot of fun this week!!
Feb 23 - No weight lost, but got the results that my blood sugar is back in normal ranges! Last post until my goal is met. Another 7-8 pounds to lose.


Greenmare said...

thanks for sharing all that! I'm going to go check out your etsy shop too.

Greenmare said...

I did succumb to some of your fabric, and I will pray for your diet, in fact I think it's a good idea to pray for all us diet challengers! ;-)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I like your weigh down idea. It sounds like a plan. I dont want to deprive myself of things I like but portion control I think is a good thing. And only eat when you are hungry. Good for you on the weight loss though. It's better for you health really.

Jackie said...

Hi Glenna, I wish you all the best of luck! I know what it is like to have a few more pounds to lose. In 1987, I went on Weight Watchers and have been doing it ever since. I lost 27 pounds and have kept it off. It does become a way of life and is certainly portion control. Your health is so important and I hope that the diabetes, that you have, is controllable by diet. You go girl!! I'm rooting for you!

Melanie said...

Good luck Glenna. I hope you succeed and feel healthier and envigourated by it.