Thursday, September 18, 2008

Off To Another Book Signing!

I wish I had something exciting to tell you about, but no! All I've been doing is cutting kits for an upcoming class I'm teaching at a retreat and trying to get a few things listed on Etsy.

But tomorrow I'm off to Springfield, MO to sign some books in a vendor booth at the quilt show! Same cute shop I was at in Carthage. Bill graduated from Southwest MO State University (I think it's just called Missouri State now) and we enjoy going back there as often as possible to eat cheese enchiladas at the Mexican Villa.

He told me 30 some odd years ago before we got married that the best enchiladas in the world are there. HA! I said. Being from New Mexico, I knew that couldn't be true. So off we went to Springfield, MO to eat enchiladas. Dang!! He might be right!!

So we stuff ourselves and then go eat "Springfield style Cashew Chicken" at the next meal! If you haven't had cashew chicken in Springfield, you haven't had good cashew chicken! Didn't know Springfield, MO was a mecca for foodies, did you? If I can remember to take my camera, I'll send you some pics!

The weather here is exquisite! I hope everyone is having a lovely fall and enjoying some time outdoors. Till next time...



Cheryl said...

Have a safe trip. I have just about worn out my book I ordered from you. Each and every quilt is wonderful....I can't decide which one to make first!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I remember that Southeast was called SEMO. I'm from the St. Louis area and hubby went to school in Cape then graduated from Mizzou. GO MIZZOU!!!!!!!!